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Chronic renal failure patients before surgery to pay attenti

Suffering from kidney failure, the patient's work and life affected, many friends using surgical treatment of renal failure, renal failure patients need to pay attention to what problems before surgery, many of my friends are not very understanding, the following give you about chronic renal failure Of the preoperative precautions.

Prevention: the most fundamental way to prevent chronic renal failure is to improve the body disease prevention and disease resistance and reduce the chance of infection, for the cause of prevention.

Active prevention and treatment of infection lesions, and actively prevent acute renal failure. Reduce the chance of infection, to prevent cold and cold, to prevent colds, suppurative tonsillitis, skin purulent infection and other diseases; once infected with the above disease or acute renal failure and other primary glomerular disease, to give timely Thorough treatment, acute renal failure patients with chronic infection lesions, stable in the condition of 3 to 6 months, if necessary, surgery and other methods can be used to prevent the development of these diseases continue to develop chronic renal failure.

Beware of bacterial or viral infections: Bacterial or viral infections are the most common cause of acute renal failure, especially upper respiratory tract infections, asymptomatic bacteriuria, flu, pharyngitis, bronchial bronchitis, etc., which may aggravate symptoms of chronic renal failure The

To avoid overwork, mental stress: overwork, open night car, test pressure and so on, can make chronic kidney failure exacerbations. Have a good living habits, to maintain a regular life. Usually to arrange a reasonable living system, and more to participate in appropriate activities to strengthen the physical exercise, but should avoid fatigue. Reasonable nutrition, enhance physical fitness and body resistance. Pay attention to personal hygiene and environmental hygiene clean, to develop good living habits, and keep relaxed mood, and strengthen self-care awareness.

Attention to diet nutrition: renal failure patients to avoid high protein diet, pay attention to food safety, eat more fresh fruits and natural food. To species persity, with a reasonable, light and delicious for the principle.

Chronic renal failure patients before surgery to pay attention to what the problem

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