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What types of renal failure can be divided into?

Renal failure can be pided into four types, they are hemolytic type of renal failure, pressure type renal failure, shock type and infection type renal failure. In order to let everyone have more understanding about the four types of renal failure, the following give you about these four different types of renal failure:
1, hemolytic type of renal failure
Incompatible blood transfusion, massive transfusion of old blood, and mechanical hemolysis can all complicate acute renal failure.The main pathogenesis is diffuse intravascular coagulation.
2, pressure type renal failure
Renal failure due to severe extrusion of the kidneys, which we call it pressure kidney failure. The cause of renal failure and clinical process is extremely complex. It is a rare type of clinical.
3, shock type renal failure
For various reasons, renal failure caused by shock is what we call shock type renal failure. More common cause of bleeding, water and electrolyte imbalance, heart failure and so on.
4, infection of renal failure
For the virus, bacterial-induced renal failure, we call it an infectious kidney failure. Acute renal failure virus infection is mainly viral pneumonia, encephalitis, hepatitis and epidemic hemorrhagic fever and so on.
It can be said that these may cause chronic renal failure disease should pay attention to active treatment. For example, acute glomerulonephritis may occur at any age, but more common in children, the vast majority occurred in the infection, especially hemolytic streptococcus infection, through the immune mechanism of glomerular inflammation caused by changes in the infection more common in respiratory infections, Skin infections and scarlet fever.
The above is the introduction related about four different types of renal failure, patient with renal failure before treatment, first of all to find out what type of renal failure they are suffering in order to take targeted treatment. If you have any questions, you can consult our online experts and our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.

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