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Can the patient of kidney failure eat Chinese medicine diure

Can the patient of kidney failure eat Chinese medicine diuresis? Such as the tongue grass, plantain grass, the former grass In addition, this can also play serum albumin? To now, is to eat good medicine or good medicine? How is kidney failure treated? Chinese medicine is good or Western medicine treatment is good?

Can the patient of kidney failure eat Chinese medicine diuresis?

Chronic renal failure is the process of renal disease progression, for  edema in patients with kidney disease, can be achieved through traditional Chinese medicine treatment to achieve the effect of diuretic, but because the kidney itself is metabolic organs, many drugs metabolism is by the kidney, so experts recommend patients in the best time for the treatment of the disease, do not take drugs.

Chronic renal failure is a gradual deterioration of renal injury and renal function caused by various primary kidney diseases or secondary to other diseases. When the renal dysfunction can not maintain the balance of body's internal environment, it will lead to the accumulation of toxic metabolites, water and electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders, and the emergence of a series of clinical symptoms.

For the treatment of chronic renal failure, our hospital experts recommend that Chinese medicine treatment, because Western medicine treatment with the disease is quick, but the patient's condition is easy to relapse, this is not conducive to the treatment and rehabilitation of the disease, Chinese medicine treatment is temporary and permanent, huge super self repair ability of body, accelerate the metabolism and repair, to promote regeneration of blood, adjust the Yin and Yang, improve the pathological changes of the kidneys, protect the remaining nephron, and recover the damaged kidney units fundamentally.

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