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What are include in Kidney failure health care?

The kidneys dominate the compensatory function of the person, only to get enough rest can they play a normal function at work, but many people can not sleep before 10:30 pm that can not provide a good time for kidney rest. Resulting in kidney failure and other kidney disease. Here we look at the health care of renal failure.

Renal failure will pose a great threat to the human body, for patients with chronic renal failure need to limit the intake of protein, which can reduce the blood nitrogen retention, reduce the burden on the kidneys, thereby delaying the process of chronic renal failure. 

Generally advocate intake of protein daily 0.4-0.6g / kg body weight, should use high-quality protein, such as eggs, milk, lean meat and other animal protein, which contains a high degree of amino acids, and decomposition in the body after the nitrogen content of less , Plant protein such as soy products, corn, flour, rice and other essential amino acids with less essential non-essential amino acids, biological efficiency is low, so called "low-quality protein" should be appropriate limit. High-sugar diet recharge high-quality low-protein diet, promote the discharge of nitrogen products.

Renal failure patients without edema or high blood pressure in the case of salt, limit salt intake mainly for edema and hypertension in patients, because the salt can be added to increase the retention of sodium, so that edema is difficult to subside, causing high blood pressure. Edema should be diuretic drainage. General patients with salt may not be limited, a lot of time hyponatremia should be properly supplemented from the veins, high blood sodium should be less salt or salt-free diet, and diuretic to promote discharge.

Above is a detailed description about what are include in Kidney failure health care from Nephrology experts, if you suffer from kidney failure, these principles can be a good help to do a good job of kidney failure patients health care work to prevent health care. If you have any knowledge of kidney disease, you can consult our online experts and our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.

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