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Relieve renal pressure and prevent kidney failure

Clinically pided into acute and chronic renal failure, there is a saying that kidney disease does not matter, but if pain will endanger our life, experts suggest that renal failure related to human life safety, if found please timely medical treatment, the renal failure prevention measures, please complete the prevention work:

Relieve renal pressure and prevent kidney failure

Add water and prevent renal failure: growth in tropical and subtropical areas, less water, less urinary excretion, suffering from recurrent urinary tract infection, hyperuricemia, or some disease The new supersedes the old. (such as hypercalcemia, hyperparathyroidism, sarcoidosis, Cushing's syndrome, chronic intestinal disease prone to kidney) per capita stones, kidney stones may cause obstructive hydronephrosis and renal function decline, development.

Pay attention to the changes of urine: urine form is one of the most pointer kidney function, the body is waste filtered through the kidneys excreted in urine, often should observe their urine color, can be early detection and early treatment, for example, foamy urine is proteinuria, white turbid urine is inflammation of the urethra and a large number of phosphate removal the performance of frequency can be determined is burning, urinary tract infection, nocturia is the early symptoms of renal insufficiency. Therefore, and the observation of these symptoms, timely examination, kidney damage can be early intervention, in case the delay caused renal failure.

Regular physical examination: anti hereditary nephropathy renal tumors occur in forty to seventy year old male, polycystic kidney disease and hereditary kidney disease had a family history of kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and childhood had nephritis, is the latent cause of chronic renal failure risk, so the disease itself has such that should be more renal function testing on a regular basis, have an understanding of his kidney to early detection and early treatment.

Light diet, avoid excessive use of supplements

Many people have caused a series of "precious diseases" because of excessive nutrition or high fat food, such as gout, diabetes, hypertension, etc. these three diseases can cause varying degrees of damage to the kidneys. The factors causing these three diseases is to protect the kidney health, diet, do not suggest that excessive consumption of high protein foods, a large number of protein intake by absorption after digestion of waste is ammonia, is renal blood tests of BUN (blood urea nitrogen), excessive intake of protein foods increase the burden on the kidneys, the kidneys do more work, so in addition to the body needs, no need to eat more protein.

The kidney disease experts, I believe that you need to pay attention to the question of what the treatment of kidney disease have a certain understanding, if you have a kidney diet questions the need for detailed understanding, you can consult our online experts.

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