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Can protein powder be used in patients with renal failure?

Many people in life eat protein powder, to supplement the body's nutrition, and when suffer from kidney failure, the doctor will tell you because the loss of protein in your body, so as to add more protein. Then, does renal failure patients eat protein powder? Experts said: you can eat some of the right amount of protein, the best is through food.

Can protein powder be used in patients with renal failure?

The kidney is an important organ of the human body and participates in the metabolism of nutrients. Its physiological function is to produce urine and excrete the wastes and poisons produced by the body in the process of metabolism. For a normal person, the protein content of normal urine is extremely small.

Patients with renal insufficiency, especially in uremic patients, is caused by the filtration of large amounts of protein from the kidneys. On the one hand, a large amount of protein is lost. On the other hand, it also leads to kidney burden, which in turn aggravates the impairment of renal function. Regulating protein intake in your diet is important for controlling your condition.

High quality protein, including eggs, fish and shrimp, lean meat and soy products. Natural food not only tastes good, nutritious and comprehensive, but also inexpensive. Some proteins have a magical "complementary enhancement" role, that is, more than two kinds of protein combination use, can improve the nutritional value of both. Such as corn, millet and soy protein mixture of three kinds of plant pasta, its nutritional value has improved significantly.

In patients with renal failure, the supplementation of the protein should be conducted under the guidance of a professional doctor, and, more importantly, standardized treatment, and is fundamentally treated.

Explain the content mentioned above, I believe you all know it, the experts suggest that the majority of patients with friends, treat diseases must be timely diagnosis and timely treatment, can not be careless, so as not to delay treatment, make the disease worse, give more serious harm to patients.

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