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What should be attention in the treatment of chronic renal f

Chronic renal failure is a serious kidney disease. Renal failure can be pided into two kinds: acute and chronic. Chronic renal failure is due to long-term renal disease. With the time and disease, the function of kidney gradually decreases, leading to renal failure. So, what should be attention in the treatment of chronic renal failure?

What should be attention in the treatment of chronic renal failure?

Living care. The treatment of renal failure is very important, and early treatment is the key. Therefore, in view of the life of renal failure, the renal function of patients with chronic renal failure is weakened and the blood stasis is aggravated. Therefore, wards should be ventilated, cold and warm should be suitable, full sunlight should be provided, and daily vinegar fumigation and disinfection should be done.

Oral care. For the treatment of chronic renal failure, oral care is also essential. The patients with chronic renal failure should be paid attention to, the appearance of the mouth has the taste of urine and the thick and greasy tongue coating, which affects the appetite. Oral care is very important, should gargle after meal, and should brush your teeth after waking up before sleep.

The method of taking medicine. The treatment of chronic renal failure is very important and should be carried out actively. At present, the effect of TCM on chronic renal failure is very good. However, due to frequent vomiting in patients with chronic renal failure, Chinese herbal decoction should be concentrated and repeated for a small number of times. Vomiting can be patted patients back, after spitting with warm boiling water gargle, keep clean, the replacement of clothing and clothing pollution timely.

Diet nursing. In addition to regular daily treatment, patients with chronic renal failure can also take proper diet nursing, pay attention to the scientific and reasonable diet, avoid soy products, make wheat starch and corn starch as staple food, and diet as a prime factor. The amount of protein intake is adjusted according to the degree of impairment of renal function, and the daily intake is not more than 50g.

Mental nursing. Keeping a good mind is very important for the treatment of chronic renal failure. However, due to the condition of some patients, the period of treatment is long, because of serious psychological pressure, some patients will often have pessimistic and disappointing mood. We should contact the patient more, encourage the patient to build up the confidence to overcome the disease, eliminate concerns, and maintain a good state of mind.

Chronic renal failure is a variety of primary kidney disease and other diseases caused by liver function damage and deterioration, can cause a series of clinical syndromes, so need timely treatment and conditioning.


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