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Self-care for kidney failure uremia patients

Uremic patients enter the terminal phase, only rely on dialysis to maintain their lives, this time should pay attention to the following aspects of the precautions.

Self-care for kidney failure uremia patients

1. Diet: water intake should be strictly controlled, for anuria, oliguria who can not be excessive intake, to prevent excessive weight gain caused by heart failure, the general daily weight gain shall not exceed 1 kg. Maintain low sodium, low protein, low phosphorus, high calorie and high essential amino acid diet.

2. Observe medical advice to take drugs, do not take drugs, including tonic, ginseng and so on.

3. Control of blood pressure, fill first calcium, iron, vitamins and erythropoietin, avoid blood transfusion, prevent hepatitis and other diseases.

4. Learn about kidney disease, dialysis and medical treatment of medical knowledge, daily measurement of body weight, blood pressure, body temperature, pulse.

5. Regular dialysis, regular inspection, and actively cooperate with the treatment.

6 to maintain optimism, cheerful, pay attention to rest, avoid fatigue, cold catch, smoking cessation, alcohol and other bad habits.

7. Hemodialysis treatment of the patient's vascular access to its lifeline, should be protected. Press gently after dialysis, to avoid forced oppression. Once found obstruction fistula should go to the hospital immediately. Internal jugular vein or femoral vein intubation prompt dressing, to prevent infection.

8. To do the family of patients with peritoneal dialysis should be proficient in technology, pay attention to aseptic technique and dialysis tube care knowledge, to prevent the occurrence of infection.

9. Learn the necessary knowledge about kidney transplants.

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