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How to nurse renal insufficiency patients ?

  Renal insufficiency patients should pay attention to the following aspects :

  1.Psychological nursing

  The research shows that the emotion have a closely relationship with the disease .Renal insufficiency patients will often occur anxiety 、panic 、pessimism ,at this time patients need relatives’comfort and understanding ,and communicate with the patients ,enlighten patients through different methods ,make the patients realize their own illness ,eliminate the bad mood and help the patients build up the confidence of fighting the disease .

  2.Basic nursing

  Renal insufficiency patients often occur weak ,so should have a good rest ,don’t stay up ,ensure enough rest and sleep ,and provide a quiet and comfortable environment with patients ,regular open the window ,ensure the bed sheet’s clean .Closely observe patient’s vital signs ,preventing the occurrence of the complications .

  3.Dietary care

  Renal insufficiency patients should have a reasonable diet ,don’t eat so salty food ,control the intake of protein so as to relieve the kidney burden ,avoid eating sour or spicy food ,not to eat high fat food ,eat more fresh vegetables and fruits .

  Renal insufficiency patients should pay attention to the importance of the nursing ,when there is something wrong,should go to the hospital as soon as possible .

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