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Too high uric acid will aggravate renal failure, lead to ure

Uric acid is stable in the body, and the kidney is responsible for 2/3 of the excretion of uric acid. If the blood uric acid saturation, excess uric acid will be deposited, and some will be deposited in the joints of crystalline, and some are deposited directly on the kidneys, the renal tissue structure caused by direct damage, mainly manifested as renal tubular necrosis, tubular atrophy, interstitial fibrosis and so on. Resulting in further decline in renal function, increase the chance of developing renal failure.

Too high uric acid will aggravate renal failure, lead to uremia!

Therefore, patients with high uric acid no matter whether there are some symptoms of hyperuricemia and gout, such as joint swelling, pain, deformation, etc., should pay attention to the control of uric acid. In the general population, men with serum uric acid> 420 umol / L (7 mg / dl) and women> 360 umol / L (6 mg / dl) can be diagnosed as hyperuricemia.

Control of high uric acid treatment:

Life treatment, the production of exogenous uric acid is mainly caused by unreasonable diet, so to reduce uric acid production should eat less high purine foods, the main three categories: seafood, animal offal, soup, including hot pot soup. Second, proper exercise, such as fast walking, shuttlecock, yoga, etc. can help reduce uric acid.

Drug treatment, this is the key treatment of endogenous uric acid, as commonly used with allopurinol, mainly by reducing serum uric acid, to slow down renal dysfunction, suitable for small doses gradually increase; It is more suitable for patients with high uric acid in middle and late stage of kidney disease or allopurinol intolerance.

Kidney disease can also cause elevated uric acid, but also guard against gout, hyperuricemia. Impaired renal function, glomerular filtration decreased, electrolyte metabolism disorder, excessive uric acid excretion is more difficult, so renal insufficiency in patients with serum uric acid will be exceeded.

But unlike ordinary high-uric acid patients, nephropathy patients have higher uric acid levels, so some patients will have uric acid values ​​up to 500 ~ 600.

This shows that the level of uric acid is consistent with the history of renal function. If the uric acid exceeds 500, we should be on guard against the further decline of renal function and the deterioration of the condition, and consult a doctor for consultation and treatment in time.

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