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How to cope with infection and prevent kidney function from

For patients with nephropathy, regular reexamination, in addition to understanding the changes in renal function, the most important is through the changes of indicators to see if there is recurrence.

After the renal function drops, the immunity of the patients with kidney disease will also decrease, so they are more prone to infection than the normal people, such as the common cold. After the infection, to eliminate the virus or bacteria, will lead to more and more immune substances in the body. These substances are also toxins. Kidney function damage can not be discharged smoothly, accumulation in the kidney will lead to inflammation, leading to relapse, aggravated.

How to cope with infection and prevent kidney function from being damaged again?

The multiple damage of renal function results not only in the more and more serious condition, but also in the threat of developing uremia, and it is more likely to induce infection and form a vicious circle.

Common infections in patients with nephropathy include respiratory tract infections. Common infections include colds, tonsillitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, etc. Digestive tract infections include acute gastritis, typhoid fever, etc. There are a variety of enterovirus infection. Urinary system infection. Urinary tract infection, cystitis, pyelonephritis, and so on.

Respiratory tract infection is the most common and multiple, if you accidentally relapse, the first thing to rule out the presence of infection. If you have the above three infections "signals", you should also be aware of the recurrence of the disease.

There are also unusual infections that also cause kidney disease to recur, but are easily overlooked: skin infections, periodontitis, myocarditis, peritonitis, encephalitis, ulcers caused by diabetic feet, and other specific infections such as tuberculosis, viral hepatitis, Syphilis, AIDS, etc.

These infections are more secret, usually you may not pay attention to, for example, toothache may be caused by periodontitis, as well as face acne belongs to the skin infection, you may not care, not to mention the recurrence of kidney disease.

Prevention of infection with nephropathy patients should pay attention to ensure daily life hygiene, diet is light, nutrition balance is reasonable, appropriate strengthening exercise to enhance immunity. For patients with recurrent nephropathy, such as nephrotic syndrome patients, The immune system can be improved by taking drugs or enhancing human immunoglobulin.

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