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Effective nursing of chronic renal failure

For the occurrence of chronic renal failure, many patients only pursue the speed of treatment, and neglect the nursing work of the disease, which will cause the disease can not be effectively cured, so the patients are also suffering. So, what are the effective ways to care for chronic renal failure? The following experts to make a specific introduction to you, I believe patients can spend a few minutes to read, I believe it will help you.

Effective nursing of chronic renal failure

The main methods of effective care for chronic renal failure are as follows:

Chronic renal failure should pay attention to maintaining oral hygiene, gargle with tea before meals and after meals to reduce the oral odor. Brush teeth in the morning and evening, use soft brush in toothbrush to prevent gum bleeding; strengthen skin care, scrub skin with warm water every day, avoid the use of irritant washing products, such as soap, washing powder, etc. Do not scratch the skin by hand, so as not to scratch the skin and cause infection.

In order to better protect the residual renal function, patients with chronic renal failure can not participate in strenuous exercise, but also do not absolute bed rest, moderate exercise. The living room of patients with chronic renal failure should be clean, fresh air, window ventilation every day, to avoid convection wind. Pay attention to keep warm and prevent colds.

The spicy and sour taste of vegetables itself can stimulate the taste buds of the tongue and increase appetite, such as scrambled eggs with tomatoes, cauliflower with tomato sauce, shredded peppers with shredded pork and steamed eggplant. Chronic renal failure diet can make use of mushrooms, shrimp, seaweed, coriander own natural flavor to make some food or as an additive to improve food taste.

Should be bed rest, especially in patients with significant edema or serious illness, because bed rest, both to increase diuretic, but also reduce heart failure, hypertensive encephalopathy and other dangerous complications, so as not to further deteriorate renal function in recovery, Should gradually increase activities, so that muscles gradually returned to normal.

In life, should always pay attention to changes in climate, indoor and clothing should be warm, because the cold can cause renal artery spasm, increased renal ischemia, renal function deterioration. In addition, pay attention to personal hygiene, keep the skin clean to reduce the incidence of pyoderma.

I believe everyone after reading the above, all know how to care for chronic renal failure it. Chronic renal failure is not a kind of small disease , its harmfulness is not to be ignored , so after suffering from chronic renal failure , the patient is very important to do well in the care of the disease besides the active treatment work .

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