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Early prevention methods of chronic renal failure

  The early prevention of chronic renal failure attach more and more importance of the experts and scholars .Early prevention also called “Primary Prevention”,which refers to make preventions before the chronic renal failure occur ,including the early census of kidney disease ,actively control the kidney disease and the disease which can involve the kidney in case the occurrence of chronic renal failure .

  Measures of delaying chronic renal failure develop :

  Strengthen follow-up clinic :Regular follow-up clinic is good for delay the renal failure ,which can make the patients accept the treatment and guidance designedly ,help the patients reduce or avoid some factors which can aggravate renal failure ,such as toxic damage ,dehydration cause blood volume insufficiency ,hyperlipemia ,hypercalcemia ,hypokalemia ,urinary tract obstruction ,infection and massive haemorrhage .

  2.Reasonable diet : A large number of experimental study and clinical observation showed that low protein diet and low phosphorus diet can make most of the chronic renal failure patients’progress slower even temporarily stop the development of the renal failure .Low protein diet or add essential amino-acid can relieve chronic renal failure high filtration condition ,which is helpful to prevent chronic renal failure develop .The main method to control hyperphosphatemia is to have a low phosphorus diet ,such as take phosphate binder .

  3.Control blood pressure :Controlling renal or primary high blood pressure can prevent the progress of glomerular sclerosis .The former is mainly to control glomerular hypertransfusion ,the latter is mainly rely on the application of hypotensive drugs .Controlling high blood pressure(or diabetic nephropathy)can use a small dose of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors(captopril),which can reduce glomerular internal pressure ,relieve the high filtration condition .

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