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Be cautious if you feel sick and weak often

  We all hear about uremia and i think you may know something about it more or less. Uremia is the most serious disease among all types of renal disease. If patients don’t treat it actively,it may become a chronic disease which can not be cured. From this we can see the harm of it. However,sick and lack of strength are two obvious symptom of uremia in early-stage.

  In daily life,some symptoms like sick or lack of strength are common seen,however,they may be omen of uremia,so we can’t ignore them. But do you know,the most obvious difference of uremia and other diseases is the symptoms of uremia in early stage is not obvious. Clinical symptoms of uremia is not obvious or it nearly has no symptom. Actually this is not a good thing. There are too many patients who have already get uremia but they don’t know.

  According to clinic study,except common symptoms like sick and lacking of strength,there are also other renal diseases that can turn into uremia,like diabetic nephropathy、renal failure、lupus nephropathy and so on. So we must care about our kidney in life and have a physical check on it every year.

  These are some relative materials about uremia and we really hope these can help you to keep on a healthy habit. Hope you have a good body.

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