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Incipient symptoms of uremia

  Kidney is one of the most important organs of our body and uremia is a serious kidney disease,so uremia has a awful influence on our body. Many people get this disease because of bad living habit and their disease aggravate for their ignore on treatment. Now we will introduce the incipient symptom of uremia and hope it can help you.

  Incipient symptoms of uremia:

  1. Sleepy、weak and face yellowing,these are caused by anemia.

  2. Lumbago. If you get back or waist pain,you should check your kidney、spine or muscles of back and waist.

  3. Pee frequently at night. In normal times,people under sixty should not have pee at night. If young people frequently pee during night suddenty,he may be get nephrotic syndrome.

  4. Bad digestive system. If one get uremia,toxin accumulate in his body and this will influence his digestive function. The direct effect is bad appetite、bad gustation、nausea and vomiting. Sometimes they may get diarrhea、abdominal distension and constipation. But most people won’t contract these with uremia.

  5. High blood pressure. If the kidney is hurt,it can’t discharge water and sodium normally any more. Then water and sodium retention may occur. In addition,the broken kidney can secrete some substance which can make blood pressure high. So most times different degrees of high blood pressure may occur in early-stage of uremia.

  6. Edema. This is an obvious symptom. Eyelid and face edema occur after get up and disappear afternoon;aggravate after work and lighten after rest. When edema become serious,it may occur in ankles or waist.

  According to these introduction,I think you must learn incipient symptoms of uremia. If these symptoms occur on your and your family,go to hospital to have a check quickly. If you do get this disease,you must receive a treatment timely.

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