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Renal transplant and uremia

  Uremia is one type of disease which is the final form of many renal disease and it is called “deathless cancer”. In many uremia patients’ view,to get uremia is to die and they have to sustain their life by dialysis. In actual life there are also many doctors or nurses think the only way uremia patients can go is dialysis and renal transplant. In fact,these opinions are wrong. If uremia patients can receive a proper treatment,they can live well as normal people.

  In addition,uremia patients who is in late-stage,or eventually patients whose disease is not serious,think the best way to cure uremia is change a kidney. If receive renal transplant,they won’t care about their disease any more. But is this really true?

  This is really not true. According to a authoritative report,among eight hundred cases,only half patients can use the transplanted kidney as usual for five years after surgery,if for ten years,hardly anybody. there are also have other types of patients that they think if the transplanted kidney is broken,they can receive another one. However,the effect of second transplant kidney is worse and it will spend more money.

  Moreover,it is a difficult thing to find a proper kidney source for patients themself. Even though the transplant surgery will be success,patients need have medicine for life long time and this can spend at least ten thousands a month. The hospitalization costs is larger than dialysis spend.

  So renal transplant is not better than patients’imagination. Patients should have a prudent thought about it.

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