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The symptoms of high creatinine

  In many examination we will find there is creatinine ,some people will find the creatinine is high ,actually high creatinine is the performance of renal function occur problems ,so what are the symptoms of high creatinine in clinic ?

  1.Urine bubble is much ,not disappear for a long time ,often shows that protein in the urine will excrete more protein.

  2.The normal urine is single ale and lucency ,if the urine present thick dark brown meat ,wash water ,soy sauce color ,cloudy or wash rich should go to the hospital to clear the onset reason .

  3.Low back pain without clear reason should go to the hospital to check the kidney ,spine and the small of back muscles

  4.The eyelid or face edema in the morning ,disappear in the afternoon ,tired will aggravate ,after have a rest will relieve .Serious edema can appear in bent parts of the body ,such as double ankle inside and double lower limbs and lumbosacral portion.

  5.Commonly ,people less than 60 years old will not occur nocturnal enuresis ,if the young people’s nocturnal enuresis increase will be the early clinical symptoms of renal dysfunction

  6.If there is no fever ,profuse sweating and drink more water occur urine volume drop or sudden increase should go to the hospital to check wether there is kidney lesions .Frequent micturition frequency and less urine output often suggests the possibility of urinary tract infection .

  7.Patients can occur headache ,swirl ,blurred vision and other symptoms ,but some patients can due to long-term high blood pressure have already produced better tolerance ,so cannot discomfort .Therefore,only depend on the above discomfort cannot judge whether there is high blood pressure ,so should regular measure the blood pressure .

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