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Some knowledges about uremia

  We all know that uremia is a clinical syndrome which is cause by various of renal disease that make the renal function come down and develop into renal failure. Renal failure can finally develop into uremia in its late-stage. It is very difficult to cure uremia and now there is no effective medicine that can cure uremia. Since it is a serious disease,how can we prevent its happen?

  All kind of renal disease can be expressed as abnormal urine routines,so have a physical check on it regularly and prevent the aggravation of renal disease effectively. Generally speaking,lumbago,weak,edema on eyelid and legs are all the symptoms of renal disease in early-stage. So it is good for people to have a physical check on their urine routine,renal function.

  Though there are more and more young people get uremia,most of people ignore the check on urine routine and renal function. Symptoms of renal disease in early-stage is nor obvious and the disease may develop into its late-stage when people can find something wrong on their kidneys. So these two checks are important

  to everyone no matter how old they are.

  To prevent uremia,people must do some other things,like have light food,drink more water,do not suppress urine and so on. In a way,patients have to do dialysis if they get uremia and have no other therapy.

  According to these introductions about uremia,you must know more things about it. If you still have something need to know,ask our doctors online for help.

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