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Distinctions between uremia and renal failure

  Distinctions between uremia and renal failure

  Uremia and renal failure are both developed by various of chronic renal disease which develop into their final stage and they both have side effect on our health. However,many people are curious about the distinctions of them. Now we will introduce it.

  There are two types of renal failure,namely acute renal failure and chronic renal failure. Generally speaking,acute renal failure aggravate quickly and it is always caused by three factors,namely insufficiency blood supply of kidneys,renal function insufficiency and toxin damage. Mentioned to chronic renal failure,it mainly caused by long time renal the time going on,renal function decline and renal failure occur.

  One of the side effects is kidneys can’t create urine or only create little and metabolism products in body can’t be discharged out of our bodies. When metabolism products accumulate in our body,it will cause bad effect which is similar to toxin’s.

  However,uremia is not a independent renal disease. It is a clinical complications which is belonged to various of late-stage renal disease,it also late-stage of chronic renal failure. During this stage,the metabolism of water and electrolyte is inordinate and acid and alkali is imbalance,along with metabolism products accumulate in body,our heart,nerve,digestive tract,lung,muscles,skin and blood will be poisonous.

  To cure these two types of renal disease,doctors must choose the best suitable therapies for patients combined their special body condition. Dialysis and transplant is common seen ways two cure them.

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