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Several wrong regions of renal disease and uremia

  In daily life,we can always see such phenomenon,namely one’s disease is not serious,however,he choose wrong treatment and his illness become more serious than former after receiving it. Now we will introduce several common seen wrong regions of renal disease and uremia.

  1. Hormone can cure renal disease.

  Many people feel tired in the early-stage of their disease,and get edema when they wake up in morning. After check in hospital,protein and occult blood are found in their urine,then they were diagnosed have get renal disease. In most instance,they have always take hormone orally to control proteinuria and occult blood. At the beginning the effect is obvious. But these symptoms attack people when they get cold or too tired. Then people have hormone again. This go around and begin again,people may feel sick and get vomit often and then renal function insufficiency occur.

  Why this happen? The reason is having drugs like hormone simply can’t cure the renal disease thoroughly and as the same time they have obvious side-effect.

  2. Index decline means renal disease takes a turn for the better.

  Faced with various of renal disease,if only attach importance to treating proteinuria,occult blood,white cell and pus and take the decline of various of index as illness taking better,is really wrong. The fundamental factor is find out the primary cause of renal disease.

  3. Dialysis is the only way to maintain patients’life.

  According to Western medicine,once uremia patients begin to be on dialysis,they can’t live without it. Actually this is wrong. Every patient’s protopathy is different and causers of uremia is different,too. If one can take effective ways to get away from protopathy,it have the possibility to get rid of dialysis.

  Before dialysis,many patients’residual renal function is good. The direct reason that they are on dialysis is they get cold,fever,pulmonary infection,urinary infection or high blood pressure. These small factors always make their renal disease deteriorate and then they have to be on dialysis.

  4. Renal transplant is the best way to cure renal disease.

  Many people think if receive renal transplant,they can live without any worry. Actually this is one-sided. First,it is difficult to find a prefect renal source;even if the renal transplant surgery is successful,patients have to have anti-rejection drug for lifelong.

  There are still some patients are not suitable to receive renal transplant,like those who have get chronic hepatitis live function insufficiency,nephritis,urinary tract infection and so on.

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