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What are uremic diet foods allowed for uremic patients

“Disease enters by the mouth”. Food is important for every people, especially for those who get disease. For uremic diet foods allowed, which food is good for uremia patients and which is bad become so important. Now we will introduce them for you.


1. Protein.

Generally speaking, protein intake volume of uremia patients should be controlled in 0.6g per kilometer weight. For example, if your weight is fifty kilometer, you should take 30g protein everyday.

High quality protein is good: lean meat, egg, milk and so on.

Vegetables protein is bad: beans, nut, grains, flour products, sweet potato, potato, vegetable, fruit and so on.

2. Calories.

Calories supply is also an important factor. When uremia patients control protein intake, it is easy to control food that contains much calcium, so protein in body will be consumed soon. The direct result is urea volume will increase and resistance of people will be weaken. So, after sports, one mush have some food which contains high calories and low protein.

These food are good:

Saccharides: white sugar, honey, fruit sweets and so on.

Protein power:tapioca pudding and so on.

Vegetable grease

3. Sodium.

Beside putting little salt when cooking, these things are bad for them:

Unhealthy food: salt, soy, tomato ketchup, barbeque sauce, vinegar and so on.

If they have a meal in a restaurant, it is better for them to use water clean the food before they eat.

4. Have less food which contains much potassium:

Vegetables: mushroom, leaf mustard, cauliflower, water spinach, bamboo shoots, tomato and so on.

Fruits: loquat, peach, mandarin orange, hard persimmon, orange and so on.

Other food: cafe, thick meat soup, soy and so on.

5. Water.

For uremic diet foods allowed, liquid intake everyday should be equal with discharge volume plus with 500ml. If sweat a lot, can increase it reasonably. Don’t forget to measure your weight everyday, because your weight can be a reference of water drinking.

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