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How should uremia people do exercise

  Toxin in uremia people’s body can’t be discharged out of body normally,so it is not convenient for them to do exercise as normal people. Therefore,most of them think they can’t do exercise and they do no. However,lacking of sports may accelerate the recession of their body. So,to maintain their organs’vitality and function,they should so some exercise properly under doctors’instruction. Generally speaking,they should notice these factors:

  1. It is better for them to do aerobic exercise,like walking,jogging,ridding bike and so on.

  2. Increase the amount of exercise gradually.

  3. For those who are on peritoneal dialysis,do not play football or basketball which are high intensity exercise.

  4. Make a exercise goal. For example,have three time of aerobic exercise one week and thirty minutes per times.

  Uremia people should do slow exercise.

  For uremia people,their coordinate ability and endurance are weak. If they do strong sports then,they may feel sick or get chest distress.

  Exercise prescription of them.

  1. Principe: generally speaking,in early stage do light sports which is lower than fifty percentage of limiting quantity. For example,if you can walk 200 can walk only 100 meter in early-stage and increase quantity gradually.

  2. Exercise frequency: do three times of aerobic exercise one week and thirty minutes per times.

  3. Sports event: like walking,jogging,riding bike,hiking,shadowboxing and dance.

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