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Four principles of western medicine to treat uremia

  At present, there is no specific medicine to treat uremia for western medicine, total principle is try best to delay the development of condition, detailed methods are:

  1、Strengthen follow-up

  Avoid or eliminate the risk factor to cause the deterioration of renal function, some reports verify that the relationship between the frequentness of clinical follow-up and the development of chronic renal failure is close. Frequent and high-quality follow-up could guide patients to take right life and treatment, help patients to decrease and avoid some acute incidence(dehydration、electrolyte disorder、infection、renal toxicity medicine and bleeding), if discover acute incidence, could correct timely.

  2、Reasonable dietary plan

  Lower protein diet or adding essential amino-acid or ketonic acid could relieve the state of glomerular hyperfiltration for chronic renal failure patients, it is beneficial to delay the development of chronic renal failure. The main purpose of lower phosphorus diet is controlling hyperphosphatemia, in necessary could take phosphate binder, like calcium carbonate 3-12g/d, correcting hyperphosphatemia could relieve hyperparathyroidism, and delay the damage of nephron.

  3、Control systemic or glomerular hypertension

  Want to prevent the development speed of glomerular sclerosis, not only treat systemic hypertension, but also control glomerular hypertension. Treating systemic treatment is mainly using hypotensive drugs reasonably; controlling glomerular hypertension need to take comprehensive treatment with lower phosphorus and lower protein diet、controlling blood pressure and using ACEI and etc.

  4、Correct the disorder of lipid metabolism

  Grasp proper fat intake, and the intake of unsaturated fatty acid should be more than the intake of saturated fatty acid, and encourage patients take more activities, in necessary should also take lipid-lowering drugs.

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