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Control your blood pressure and prevent uremia

  Many people know that high blood pressure can cause coronary heart disease and cerebral apoplexy,but refer to the relationship of it and kidney,they are confused. In fact,high blood pressure and kidney disease are intimate. For example,if people get uremia,means his kidney function has disappeared and renal tissue fibrotic totally. According to some studies,there are more and more patients get kidney failure which is caused by high blood pressure. So,one must take actions to control his blood pressure level;if it is already high,must keep an eye on his kidney.

  How do high blood pressure develop into uremia

  The occurrence rate that high blood pressure damage our kidney is positively associated with severity order and duration time of the higher blood pressure. Other factors like,smoking,drinking,diabetes and so on all can damage kidney furthermore.

  Kidney is consist of countless of glomeruli. In fact,a glomerulus is a ball of capillary network,if the blood pressure keep higher for long time,may damage capillary wall,make kidney lack of blood,kidney function may decline,and then kidney function insufficiency may occur finally. If really get uremia,patients have to receive dialysis or kidney transplant.

  How do high blood pressure people prevent uremia

  To prevent our kidneys from being damaged,we should control our blood pressure level first. At the same time,kidney disease itself can also cause high blood pressure. Among chronic kidney disease patients,the occurrence rate of high blood pressure is high. That’s to say,high blood pressure and kidney disease are causal relationship,no matter which can’t be controlled well,can cause vicious circle.

  People who have get high blood pressure should receive routine urinary test and check on kidney function regularly,especially for those who didn’t get high blood pressure former,but have it suddenly,should examine their kidney as soon as possible.

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