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What is the effect of uremic dialysis?

This article introduction: uremia is a kind of serious kidney disease, the current mainstream treatment is through the dialysis treatment.So, uremic dialysis has what effect?Uremia can be cured?Dialysis and what side effects?

Dialysis is a traditional treatment method is a kind of uremia, is currently one of the most popular western medicine treatments, many hospitals are recommended for patients with dialysis treatment, so, uremic dialysis treatment effect is good?For patients, is there any side effects?

Of dialysis, the hospital has a lot of the world today, basically all the dialysis as prolong survival in patients with a kind of technical means, therefore, have long-term dialysis, is equal to the kidney patients had a machine, the original kidney gradually atrophic, waste.Hemodialysis cons indeed.

So, what needs to be done uremic dialysis treatment?

(1) there are obvious symptoms of uremia, uremia patients will loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, etc.

(2) the serum creatinine greater than 707 micro millimoles L, urea nitrogen is greater than 35.7 millimoles L, and appear the following situation to emergency dialysis, (1) drugs to control high potassium is greater than 6.5 millimoles L;(2) is difficult to control high blood pressure drugs;(3) water sodium retention, oliguria, no urine, height edema associated with heart failure.

What is the effect of uremic dialysis?

Dialysis is the most main purpose is to improve the patient's symptoms, prolong patient survival.Uremia patients with blood

Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis is a effective method can directly reduce the level of blood urea nitrogen.Uremia patients need dialysis when necessary to save a life, in order to further treatment for the necessary time.

Dialysis is refers to hemodialysis can put a mixture of albumin and urea in the dialyser, again by artificial way out of the body, the body in balance.Kidney dialysis can save people, but can not cure.Because dialysis can be timely and rapid discharge 


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