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What are the factors causing uremia?

This article introduction: uremia is the final result of a variety of chronic kidney disease cause, by now can only save by kidney transplant patient's life.So, to understand the factors causing uremia under together.

Uremia mentioned, we will special fear, the disease is a kind of serious cases of kidney disease, after the onset of the disease will bring more pain to patients, but also will bring to life, and the current view can cause uremia in reason is various, the next for friends to introduce what are the causes of the disease.

Uremia, which is caused by various reasons most chronic renal parenchyma damage, so can't discharge a variety of metabolic wastes and degradation of some endocrine hormones, leading to the savings caused toxic effects in the body.Say simply is kidney disease, can't display normal physiological function, its development is to end-stage uremia.

1, kidney disease is a major cause of uremia, all the ultimate outcome of chronic kidney disease will be uremia.Which is the primary reason, chronic nephritis in cause uremia disease, chronic glomerulonephritis (55.7%).30% of people with diabetes, direct outcome is uremia diabetes.Recent statistics show that, in our country, currently there are 43.2 million people with diabetes, decreased glucose tolerance, 50.64 million, the sum of the two for 93.84 million.That is to say, about 13 million uremia patients just because diabetes in our country, and more than 1500 uremia high-risk groups.

2, high blood pressure.15% of hypertensive patients directly into uremia.In China in 1998, hypertensive patients accounted for 10% of the population, that is to say, one in every ten people in patients with high blood pressure, including 1.5 inpiduals will be uremia patients.The side effects of drugs in different degree.Research shows that about 25% of the patients with renal failure associated with the renal toxicity of drugs.

3, urinary tract infection or urinary tract infection.According to the statistics, our country the incidence of male urinary infection was 0.23%, 2.37% for women.Men, women and children all can come on, especially in the married women of childbearing age is common, in our country, chronic pyelonephritis is the second factor in uremia, accounting for 21.2%.An upward trend in HIV infection caused by uremia.The reason for this is now

1% of the uremia inducement.

4, related to age.As the growth of the age, the structure and function of the kidney are obvious degenerative change.Under normal circumstances, the human kidney has a strong compensatory function, kidney function loss of 50% when, can also maintain the normal life activities of the human body, such as after excision of a kidney, people also can live healthy.As the growth of the age, the body's loss reserve function gradually weakened and even, in the case of no additional burden, kidney function can meet the needs of human life activities, but without the ability to cope with unexpected injury and disease.

Diet principles of patients with uremia

Uremia patients protein intake is strictly limited, try to choose a good source of protein, such as meat, eggs, milk protein quality is better), to make full use of to repair or maintain muscles strong, legumes (beans), nuts, gluten products, grain, flour products, sweet potato, taro, potato, vegetables, fruits of protein quality is poorer, creates more waste, increase the burden of the kidney.Protein intake should be controlled in 0.6 grams per kilogram of body weight, weight is 50 kg, for example, the protein should be controlled to 30 grams a day.

The awareness of the knowledge, the friends for the factors of causing uremia special clear, the appearance of uremia for kidney health hazard is very serious, we should use the uremia attention, daily life have to analyze the cause of this disease, and to stay away from the related causes.


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