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The methods to prevent uremia

Recite this article: the end result of  chronic kidney disease is uremia, thus how important it is to find the methods to prevent uremia on the treatment of kidney disease.  In life, then, what are the methods to prevent uremia? And see it together.

Uremia is extremely rare in daily life, more and more friends in the symptoms of the disease, which brought harm to their health, you must to attention to this disease, and in life need to do some prevention work of uremia, next to introduce the methods to prevent uremia for everyone.

 The methods to prevent uremia

How to prevent the occurrence of uremia?

1 don't use inferior materials for house decoration, decorate the house must ensure furniture paint and coatings used for spraying wall do not contain cadmium, cadmium can be absorbed by the body slowly, otherwise the metal cadmium is very heavy for the renal injury , especially in patients with uremia almost has the effect of irreversible damage.
2, the strict limit intake of food containing high cadmium content, in the daily life, high cadmium content of food including food made of animal liver and kidney, seafood such as halibut, crabs, these seafood are polloated by cadmium in the water, will be a large number of accumulation of cadmium in the body. Grow vegetables in the sludge will  absorb a great deal of cadmium in soil during fruit ripening. Cadmium metal restriction in the methods to prevent uremia plays a critical role, patients should be aware of.
3, the low protein diet, can give a low protein diet in patients with uremia. Normal adult need protein 1 ~ 1. 5 g/kg bw/day, but uremia patients need to eat only 0. 5 g/kg or less. Reduce the amount of protein intake to reduce the generation and accumulation of nitrogen mass metabolites in the body. If a patient needs to supplement protein substances, try choosing egg, milk food, such as eggs, milk and other high nutritional value of animal protein, less consumption of soy products such as vegetable protein as much as possible.
4, timely treatment of kidney disease can effectively prevent uremia and cardiovascular complications, such as in patients with kidney disease, especially in case of chronic kidney disease should be treated timely and effectively, after to must pay attention to avoid some of the renal toxicity drugs, to take timely measures to delay their kidney failure, and effective control blood glucose, blood pressure and blood lipid reduction, etc.

5, positive check, relevant prevention methods in uremia, positive inspection is needed. In developing uremia disease, including renal reserve capacity decreased stage, nitrogen qualitative hematic disease, kidney failure and uremia phase four periods, patients in the first two periods will only appear abnormal urine, and there is no other obvious symptoms, so need regular urine test.

6, maintain a reasonable diet, the methods to prevent uremia, in addition to the timely treatment of kidney disease and the positive inspection, patients need to develop good eating habits, keep the rationality of their diet, can eat some more high nutritional value of food, so that the body needs nutrition to get timely supply, and help to improve its own resistance to disease. But people with dyslexia can also should pay attention to not disorderly eat, pay attention to their diet. Stay away from harmful chemical substances to the kidney, to avoid containing cadmium, chloroform, ethylene and other chemicals and environment. These chemicals are generally exists in the pesticides, automobile exhaust, coatings, building and household cleaners. In the average household supplies, some chemical elements are associated with acute and chronic kidney disease, patients should pay attention to using items and see instructions, other patients should pay attention to wearing protection appliance when use spray pesticides or coating . 

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