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How does our hospital treat uremia?

Uremia is the end stage of renal dysfunction, which has been seriously damaged. The elimination of kidney detoxification capacity, leading to elevated creatinine. Most patients choose dialysis, but this does not control the disease. In order to control the disease, should be treated with combination of TCM and Western medicine, and Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine is currently using TCM therapy, improve the repair of renal function in patients with nephropathy, let more and more effect in detoxification, with dialysis therapy of Western medicine to relieve the symptoms of the disease.
Our hospital treatment: Chinese medicine through micro processing to extract effective reduce the toxicity of traditional Chinese medicine, and then combined with traditional Chinese medicine bath, foot bath of Chinese medicine ointment combined traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and other methods to enhance the absorption and utilization of drugs, gradually improve glomerular filtration, increased renal blood flow, then let the small detoxification more and more, it can also prolong the time of dialysis slowly. For example, now 2 times a week dialysis, after treatment slowly extended to once a day, once a week, the last 10 days, once a week.. Ensure the safety of life!

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