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Uremia can drink coffee?

Because coffee can cause the following problems:
1 patients with nephropathy coffee can cause sleep disorders, we need 8 hours of sleep, but due to stress, anxiety and coffee, 8 hours of sleep time will be reduced, and will occur at night, wake up the morning wake up early or insomnia phenomenon.

2 coffee can cause kidney failure. Coffee releases stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline, the two substances that help reduce stress and provide the body with the energy needed for a whole day. However, excessive consumption of coffee can cause rapid increases in cortisol and epinephrine, leading to the occurrence of renal failure uremia.

3 patients with kidney disease will affect the overall health of coffee. The study found that coffee is the main antioxidant in the American diet, when people are taking a variety of antioxidants, the greatest benefits of coffee. If you drink moderately, the health benefits of coffee are obvious. But coffee contains essential oils that can interfere with the function of the blood vessels, causing the body to accumulate large amounts of toxic pesticides, thereby damaging the immune system. In addition, because of calcium consumption and osteoporosis, as well as lead to cardiovascular disease. So, do not drink too much coffee. If the immune system is damaged, it is likely to cause kidney disease.

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