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Do a good job in the prevention of uremia stifle in the cradle

1, any kidney disease, can not be ignored and delayed medical treatment, because any deterioration of kidney disease may develop into uremia.

2, urine bleeding or foam from the phenomenon, must immediately seek medical treatment, and even for renal biopsy.

3, do not neglect to urinary calculi, periodically (every 3~6 months) follow-up time. Although the stone does not hurt, but may have caused chronic kidney in the early detection and treatment of diabetic nephropathy.

4, congenital polycystic kidney patients, once found that should please their parents, children and siblings to Nephrology for hydrocephalus ultrasound Yu, also remember the "fossil grass" on invalid stones.

5, blood pressure control is good or bad, a direct impact on the occurrence, development, efficacy and prognosis of uremia. Therefore, patients with high blood pressure should be closely monitored, prevention of uremia, hypertension patients often have to take medicine for a lifetime, the basic principle of the use of antihypertensive drugs is not nephrotoxic, strict control of blood pressure and not interrupt.

6, diabetic patients about 1/4 will be complicated by uremia, blood glucose control is the most important, and the need for regular detection of renal function and urine trace protein, check, in order to early detection and treatment. Because half of the offspring will have the same disease, genetic counseling is best before birth, and attention to hypertension and urinary tract infections.

7, patients with kidney inflammation often cold is not easy to be good, must pay attention to whether the deterioration of renal function.

8, kidney disease often to the end there will be symptoms, do not think that there will be a lack of urine and edema of kidney disease, a lot of early kidney disease is not any symptoms.

9, if it is not caused by the movement of the lower back pain or discomfort, should be suspected of renal or urinary tract disease, should be urine, abdominal X light or renal ultrasound examination.

10, may be due to voiding difficulties, elderly men suffering from prostate hyperplasia, and cause urinary frequency, nocturia, urine thinning, the long run will affect the bladder and kidney function; and urination pain, burning sensation or secretions, urinary tract infection may be routine, urine examination and bacterial culture. Received antibiotics.

11, avoid taking pain medication, injections and other habits.

12, engaged in the pollution industry and living in polluted environment, many organic solvents and metals, such as: lead, chromium, cadmium, may cause chronic kidney disease, must pay attention to the way of kidney health.

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