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What are the early symptoms of uremia

Uremia is often caused by the development of acute and chronic kidney disease, some patients will be affected by a variety of factors other than the incidence of kidney disease. Such symptoms are usually more insidious, many patients will be due to lack of knowledge of the disease can not be found in a timely manner symptoms and lead to increased symptoms. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the early symptoms of uremia.

1 digestive system symptoms
In the early stage of uremia, patients often appear some symptoms of the digestive system, taste disorder, poor appetite, few cases of constipation, abdominal distension, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting are the main symptoms. If the patient's digestive function is affected by the retention of urine toxins will also appear decreased appetite. Because symptoms are more common, it will cause a lot of patients to ignore.

2 anemia
Anemia is also the main early symptoms of uremia. Urinaemia will make the patient's renal function damage and accompanied by anemia symptoms, patients often appear pale or yellow is caused by anemia. Due to the slow development of anemia symptoms, the contrast in the short term will not be great, so it is easy to cause the neglect of patients.

3 edema
In the early symptoms of uremia, a lot of patients will occur edema, renal function damage after the body can not make excessive water discharged in time will lead to the occurrence of this symptom. In the early stage of patients with edema occurred only the eyelid and ankle, if not timely treatment will make patients with persistent or systemic edema, the patient enters uremia period typical.

We hope that through the introduction of the main early symptoms of uremia, we can make the harm of uremia more clear, if there is a need for timely symptomatic treatment, in order to avoid the aggravation of the disease. These are the early symptoms of uremia patients, and now we are not understand. Warm tip: symptoms appear to be immediately to the hospital for treatment, so early detection, early treatment.

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