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Three symptoms of Early Uremia

Uremia is not an independent disease, but is a common clinical syndrome of all kinds of advanced kidney disease. It is a series of clinical manifestations of chronic renal failure. If you can find the following 3 symptoms of uremia in the early treatment of great help.

1 edema
For patients with uremia, edema is relatively easy to detect early symptoms. Because the patient's kidney has been unable to completely remove excess body water, so that the liquid is stuck in the body of the interstitial space, resulting in edema. Clinical studies have shown that edema occurs early in the eyelid and ankle,
After a proper rest can automatically disappear, once the development of systemic swelling or persistent swelling, indicating that the patient's condition has been quite serious.

2 hypertension
Uremic patients will have varying degrees of hypertension. Because the kidneys have drainage and sodium excretion function, when the renal function is impaired, the body of water and sodium will occur, resulting in elevated blood pressure. At the same time, the kidneys secrete substances that cause blood pressure to rise.

3 yellow complexion
The complexion of uremic patients is caused by anemia. Because of the occurrence and development of this change is very slow, so the patient will not find a clear contrast in a long time, which is easy to ignore the symptoms of uremia.
The above article is about the introduction of this issue, I believe that readers and patients must have some understanding of friends, you can certainly help. Here, experts recommend that patients and their families, the cause of disease or to be determined after going to the hospital to carry out scientific and standardized examination, the proposal as soon as possible to the regular hospital, so as to identify the reasons for timely targeted treatment, so as not to delay the best treatment time, bring greater impact to your work and life. Of course, if you have other questions you want to know, you can click on our online consulting experts.

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