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Kidney transplant on the "right"?

Many patients think that kidney transplantation a good Everything will be fine. this is actually a very wrong understanding. There are a lot of things to do after kidney transplantation:

(1) regularly to the relevant departments to follow up. Follow up is very important, 2 months after discharge more frequently, need to go to the hospital every week for 1 times; if the situation is stable, can be after every 2 weeks 1 times, six months later in January can be 1 times, a year later can be 2 ~ once a month. Follow-up to truthfully to the attending doctor reflect recent medication, blood pressure, body weight, body temperature, urine volume, appetite, renal feeling, and blood routine, urine routine, liver function, renal function, electrolyte, fasting blood glucose, blood lipid, blood concentration of drug taking. If necessary, check the chest film, kidney transplant B ultrasound. The doctor will make the appropriate adjustments according to the specific circumstances of patients, especially for the immunosuppressive drugs to adjust, and give guidance to other aspects such as diet, etc.. If there is fever, cough, urinary pain, hemoptysis reduced renal transplantation etc., because of possible rejection or infection, need timely treatment, and to the doctor that he is patient with renal transplantation, if necessary please assist doctors in diagnosis and treatment of renal transplantation.

(2) to take medication, to avoid the indiscriminate use of nephrotoxic drugs as drugs in renal transplant patients especially immunosuppressive drugs are very expensive, some patients because of economic considerations, may reduce the dosage of the drug or drug withdrawal, dressing, this is very dangerous. Because the body produces rejection of transplanted kidney, need immunosuppression to avoid, so this kind of medicine is very important for the patients with renal transplantation, must follow the doctor's instructions on medication, do not own any drug reduction, withdrawal or dressing, or traditional Chinese medicine treatment, to the doctor made it clear that in renal transplant patients identity. Avoid the use of nephrotoxic drugs, do not take medicine.

(3) self discharge protection of renal transplant patients to do self monitoring and graft after to do self monitoring, especially after 3 ~ 6 months, this period prone to infection and acute rejection, including the monitoring of daily appetite, body temperature, body weight, urine volume, blood pressure, renal transplantation of self the feeling, the type and quantity of each medication, laboratory examination results, the record of the painting forms were recorded to reflect the situation in order to follow-up doctor. In addition, renal transplant patients should be a reasonable diet, high salt, high fat, high sugar diet, a small amount of seafood and high purine food, adequate drinking water, ban alcohol and tobacco, do not squeeze the transplanted kidney.

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