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What are the initial symptoms of uremia

Many people think that uremia is very terrible, and bad treatment of the disease, in fact, uremia is not terrible, after taking the appropriate treatment, can be cured. The reason why people are so afraid of uremia is because there is no popularity of this knowledge. Uremia experts pointed out: to understand the symptoms of uremia.
Uremia is usually the development of a variety of chronic diseases by the end of a systemic disease, uremia experts after years of treatment experience summed up the following tips on the early symptoms of uremia:

1. The change of urine volume is the main symptom of the early symptoms of uremia. Because of the decrease of renal filtration function, some patients will gradually decrease with the progress of the disease. Even if the urine was normal, due to the elimination of toxins in the urine decreased, the decline in the quality of, can not be discharged in the body too much waste, so to some extent, how much urine and can not fully explain your kidney function is good or bad.

2, this is a relatively easy to edema phenomenon. A lot of people in response to early symptoms of a uremia answered most likely to think of what "in the process, because the kidneys cannot rid the body of excess water and cause fluid retention gap in tissue edema, early only in the ankle and eyelid department, after the break to disappear, if the development of persistent or systemic edema, has ill.

3, yellow complexion which is due to anemia, due to this occurrence and development is very slow, so obviously "contrast" does not appear in a short period of time, as they are difficult to find in the morning and evening to meet a variety of slow development.

4, drowsiness, fatigue may be very early performance, but the most likely to be ignored, because the cause of drowsiness, fatigue is indeed too many reasons. Especially those in business "to fight", mostly blame on the work stress and fatigue. If a little rest and symptoms improved, it is more likely to be ignored.

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