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15 Ways to prevent uremia

1.To Balance The Diet, Not Overeating

Eating a large number of animal and plant protein is bound to produce a lot of uric acid and urea nitrogen and other metabolites which have to be excreted by the kidneys.

2 To Avoid the High amount of Items Containing Chemical Elements 

Have been found in the general household items in some chemical elements associated with acute and chronic kidney disease, as long as read the instructions carefully, take some preventive measures, is to avoid these harmful substances.

3  Selection of Eggs and Milk

Due to the small amount of protein intake, we should try to choose a higher nutritional value of eggs, milk and other animal protein food, and less soy products such as vegetable protein.

prevent uremia diet ways-Selection of Eggs and Milk

4 The Use of Low Protein Diet

Uremic patients should be given a low protein diet.Normal adults need the amount of protein per kilogram of body weight 1 - 1.5 grams, 0.5 grams of uremic patients can only eat / kg, to reduce production in vivo and retention of nitrogen metabolites.

5 To Light Diet, Do Not Taste Too Heavy

Daily use of salt in the range of 6 grams, and salt will be placed in each dish can reduce the burden on the kidneys.

6 Due to the water, Not to Hold back. The utility model can prevent the bacterial infection of urinary system and can prevent the formation of urinary system stone and avoid the damage of the kidney.

7  Full Rest 

Uremia patients should ensure adequate rest and good nutrition, do not engage in activities beyond strength and power.

8  To Adhere to Physical Exercise, Not Fat 

Physical activity and physical exercise every day, not only to control weight, but also to increase physical and disease resistance, to prevent colds, less medication, can reduce the burden on the kidneys.

9 To Avoid Damage to the Kidney Chemicals. 

To avoid the use of cadmium, chloroform, ethylene glycol and four vinyl chloride products and environment. They are generally found in pesticides, automotive exhaust, paint, buildings and household cleaners.

10  Science and Health Care, Do Not Abuse

Not a pest, pesticide and many harmful ingredients in Chinese herbal medicine. A large number of long-term use of herbal supplements are likely to cause kidney damage slowly.

11  To Quit Smoking, Do Not Drink

No matter when quit smoking is not late,quit smoking is better than smoking; To limit alcohol, it is best not to drink, no matter what wine, senior wine, imported wine, are alcohol (ethanol) products, the body does not need alcohol, and the alcohol damage to the body.

12 Regular Physical Examination, Do Not Forget the Renal Function Test

At least 1 to 2 times a year urine routine and renal function tests.Kidney disease can be found early, early treatment.

13 Women before Pregnancy to Check Kidney Function, Do Not Blindly Pregnant. 

Women before pregnancy to check whether there is a kidney disease (sometimes they do not know), because there is a potential risk of rapid progression of kidney disease caused by kidney disease or uremia.

14 Complete Cure of Acute Tonsillitis, Don't Leave.

Throat pain, to see a doctor immediately, under the guidance of a doctor to cure the effective use of antibiotics to prevent infection induced kidney disease.

15 To Prohibit the Abuse of Drugs, Don't Take Painkillers as "Panacea".

Many kinds of drugs, cosmetics, hair dyes, chemical toxins can lead to kidney damage, and the role of renal cancer.

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