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What matters should notice in uremia diet?

With the fast of modern life and work rhythm, parents often ignore the health condition of children, and lead to many children have kidney diseases, however, when the children have had the symptoms of kidney diseases the parents still are not realised, at last give rise to uremia. As parents you must be very pained,so you should pay more attention to children’s condition after the condition developed uremia, and coordinate the doctor’s treatment actively, at the same time notice the uremia diet.

Now the expert introduced some detailed matters in uremia diet for children:
Medically, children uremia diet is a kind of comprehensive clinical syndrome that refers to nephrons have been injured seriously, and appears disorder in excrete metabolism and adjust water, electrolyte, acid-base balance. All the time, kidney doctor stresses the important of children uremia diet diet, but neglect the relation of uremia diet and uremia treatment. Uremia diet should be coordinated with treatment, in the basic of effective treatment coordinate the diet nourishing, would make a good treatment effect.

1. Pay attention to supplement calcium, potassium

Children uremia diet always have lower serum potassium, after using diuretic, it is easy to have hypokalemia, in this time should eat more fresh fruit and potassium chloride. children uremia diet also have lower blood calcium, so should take some food with high calcium, such as fish、shrimp、bones soup and so on.

2. Having food with enrich vitamin

The diet of children should be easy to digest and with enrich vitamin, especially vitamin B、C、D. In the stage of azotemia, if the patient has a good appetite should not offer heat less than 35cal per kilo body weight, but to the uremia stage, just according to the children’s appetite. If the children have enough urine, not clearly edema, should not limit the water quantity.

3. Supplement water and salt in time

Children uremia diet patients are easy to have dehydration and hyponatremia, especially anorexia, vomiting and diarrhea. Once having the condition, should supplement in time.

4. Lower protein diet as its main

Like milk, egg, fish, lean. Everyday protein intake is 20g.
uremic diet

The expert reminds parents, in daily life should notice the children uremia diet and health condition, once find some worrisome symptoms, should go to normal hospital to have a detail check, early find, and early treat.

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