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What are the common symptoms of uremia?

In recent years, more and more people suffering from uremia, to the patient's physical and mental health and economic problems caused a lot of trouble. Uremic patients with renal failure, will be accompanied by a series of clinical syndrome. Here we come together to understand what common symptoms of uremic patients.

Suffering from uremia, the patient will first appear a series of early symptoms, these symptoms may appear independently, but also a great impact on the body, so people ignored the delay led to the best treatment time. The early symptoms of uremic patients are: 1. Anorexia, nausea. As the body of the accumulation of toxins, digestive system involvement, patients will often feel no appetite, even after eating vomiting. Tired and weak. This is a symptom that is not easy to be found, many patients think that only overwork caused by, in fact, the patient's body at this time has undergone many changes. 3. looking yellow. This is because the early accumulation of toxins in patients with uremia can not be ruled out, resulting in abnormal red blood cells, causing anemia. Swollen Uremia occurs when the kidneys are blocked, the patient's body water can not be discharged and the occurrence of retention, so the patient's eyes and ankles will appear swollen. 5. Reduce urine output. Due to kidney dysfunction, the body of the urine filter becomes difficult, so part of the urine output will be reduced.

Above is the early symptoms of uremia, uremia in the late, there will be some more serious symptoms:

Respiratory symptoms: As uremia can lead to acidosis, the patient exhaled gas will be with urine. This is because the saliva contains urea, through the decomposition of bacteria to form ammonia. Severe illness in patients with uremia pulmonary edema, pulmonary calcification of a series of lung lesions, which are associated with water retention, the body of the organ are closely related to the occurrence of failure.

Skin Symptoms: Another obvious symptom of uremic patients is skin itching, which is due to the presence of toxins in the body to stimulate the skin, or hyperparathyroidism. In addition, the patient may also appear skin dry, scaling or color darkening yellow symptoms.


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