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How do uremia patients reduce their creatinine?

,Uremia is a common disease, renal medicine is also a very dangerous disease, patients with uremia often can affect the patient's health, for uremia this disease, and lots of relative knowledge of this disease, and the timely detection and active treatment is very important.

The high level of creatinine is the main cause of uremia, so the most important thing for people with uremia is to reduce their creatinine. The most common and most common method is the use of detoxifying drugs, changing kidneys and dialysis. That some of the ways to reduce the creatinine is very painful, so the patient must be flat in the course of treatment, positive cooperate a doctor treated, there will be more satisfactory results.

Uremia patients to reduce the creatinine, in addition to adopt the method of medicine, in the usual daily life may need special attention, take special attention to diet, how much nutritious food, such as milk, eggs, lean meat, seafood, etc., eat soy products less, eat less foods that are rich in vegetable protein. Sufficient heat also can make protein in patients with adequate storage, try to eat less fatty foods, food to give priority to with whole grains, eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, such as tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, celery, apples, dragon fruit, etc. Be sure to eat less salt, less oil, not to eat spicy and greasy foods, not to overeat, and not to smoke and drink.

Uremia patients reduce creatinine should also must pay attention to mix at ordinary times, assure enough sleep, always want to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, according to their own physical condition to choose suitable physical exercise, to get in touch with nature, pay attention to your personal hygiene, often take a bath, frequently change clothes, pay attention to the cold and warm, according to the change of seasons appropriate increase or decrease in clothes, these are very important.

Uremia is a very complex disease, cause the cause of the disease is to have a lot of, is usually considered by the result of interaction of many factors, among which the most important is the genetic factors, generally considered the uremia patients with family history of disease of patients with uremia disease is far higher than that of ordinary people, other diseases of the immune system, endocrine diet, virus infection can cause uremia, also for the prevention and treatment of this disease will begin from the cause.

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