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What are the main symptoms of uremia?

What is the main symptoms of uremia? Uremia is the occurrence of patients will bring great harm, damage everyone's body and spirit, we must correctly understand the disease, and consult the relevant experts, experts will give you to develop appropriate Their own treatment, treatment before we first understand the main symptoms of uremia.

Uremia main symptoms:

(1) metabolic acidosis chronic renal failure uremic period of human metabolism of acidic products such as phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid and other substances due to renal excretion obstruction and retention, can occur "uremic acidosis."

(2) water and sodium metabolic disorders, mainly for water and sodium retention, or low blood volume and hyponatremia. Renal insufficiency, the kidney too much on the sodium overload or excessive capacity to adapt to the gradual decline.

(3) potassium metabolic disorders: when the GFR down to 20-25ml / min or lower, the renal row of potassium capacity gradually decreased, this time prone to hyperkalemia; especially when the potassium intake, acidosis, infection, Trauma, gastrointestinal bleeding and other circumstances, more prone to hyperkalemia.

(4) calcium and phosphorus metabolism disorders, mainly manifested as excessive phosphorus and calcium deficiency.

The main symptoms of uremia, we must understand, because the great harm caused by uremia, want to avoid the occurrence of disease hazards, we must correctly understand the main symptoms of uremia, because the disease symptomatic treatment can get more Good results to reduce the incidence of disease hazards.

After reading the expert answers, everyone for "uremia main symptoms include what?" Is not all understand it! If you have other kidney problems can browse other pages, you can also online consultation, or in the mailbox message kidneyhope @ yahoo. Com, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

symptoms of uremia

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