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Uremic need to stay away from bad food

Uremia need to stay away from bad food! Uremia actually refers to the body can not produce urine through the kidneys, the body of metabolic waste and excessive water excreted, causing poisoning.

Uremic patients need to pay close attention to medication safety and diet safety, the following drugs and food needs to be strictly prohibited.

Western medicine: steroids, tetracycline, anti-inflammatory analgesics; whether oral, injectable, and may be contained in a variety of cold medicine

Chinese medicine: cinnabar, Tripterygium, Magnolia, Han defense, wood defense, line of thread and so on.

Food: the principle of light; low-protein diet, to avoid big fish and meat;

Avoid high potassium foods: such as low sodium salt, no salt soy sauce, pickles, processing canned, ginseng fine, chicken, tea and so on;

Avoid high uric acid foods: such as animal offal, seafood, dried fish, and beans;

Fruit: carambola <must not eat>, ballet, cantaloupe, melon, orange, banana, grapefruit and so on.

Good blood pressure, blood sugar control, to avoid rapid deterioration of renal function.

If you have difficulty breathing, physical fatigue, chest tightness, cramps, lethargy, persistent nausea, vomiting, hiccups and other conditions, please return to the clinic or emergency treatment.

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