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Uremic patients to stay away from high potassium foods

For uremic patients, many elements are necessary, one of which is called potassium, potassium is to maintain human body acid and alkali balance of important substances, normal human potassium content is high, it will cause heart disease will be dangerous life. We listen to how experts are introduced.

There are many grains in the daily life of high cereals: whole grains, germs; ② milk: all kinds of flavored breast milk; ③ meat: poultry, fish and lean potassium is also high; ④ beans: ; ⑤ vegetables: mainly in dark vegetables, water spinach, spinach, seaweed and seaweed; ⑥ fruit: banana, orange, orange, fresh orange juice, etc .; ⑦ nuts: especially hazelnut, cashews, pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds; ⑧ other: chocolate, cocoa, peanuts, roasted sweet potatoes, raisins and canned pickled products; ⑨ no salt soy sauce.

Uremic patients need to stay away from high potassium foods. When uremic patients with glomerular filtration rate decreased to 20-25ml / min or lower, the ability of renal drainage gradually decreased, this time prone to hyperkalemia; especially excessive potassium intake, acidosis, Infection, trauma, gastrointestinal bleeding and other circumstances, it is difficult to maintain the balance of potassium metabolism, more prone to hyperkalemia. Therefore, uremic patients should be strictly limited to the intake of high potassium diet, but it is worth noting that regular review of potassium, to avoid the prevention of hyperkalemia at the same time hypokalemia.

Uremic nephropathy patients need to stay away from high potassium foods, but not high potassium content of food can not eat, experts said that for some high potassium foods, can be cold storage, reduce the potassium content, before consumption.

After reading the expert answers, everyone for the "Uremic patients to stay away from high potassium foods?" Is not all understand it! If you have other kidney problems can browse other pages, you can also online consultation, or in the mailbox message kidneyhope @ yahoo. Com, we will reply to you as soon as possible.


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