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How to treat uremia.

Treatment of uremia is routine dialysis or renal transplantation, hemodialysis and renal transplantation seems simple, but the vast majority of patients with uremia patients have great resistance to these two kinds of methods, on the one hand to do the transplant surgery need huge surgery, even after successful kidney transplant, patients need lifelong medication row heterogeneous, so it is not good for a kidney transplant treatment method of uremia only however, dialysis treatment, is currently in a very common clinical renal replacement therapy in patients with uremia, ordinary people, due to the huge kidney transplant surgery, will choose dialysis treatment. Compared with renal transplantation for dialysis treatment operation is more simple, the risk coefficient is relatively small, but the majority of patients receiving dialysis once, it cannot do without dialysis, as many patients to inquire in the description: "a feeling sick and went to a dialysis, dialysis immediately. But after dialysis will become more and more frequent, the interval is shorter, and the disease did not improve... "... so you can the number of dialysis treatment method is also a kind of life sustaining treatment method, can not fundamentally treat the kidney itself. It is impossible to improve or recover from illness!

Guo Bao Ye complex renal medicine pointed out: using the principle of semipermeable membrane exchange is dialysis, excess creatinine and urea nitrogen in the blood toxin, to exchange the dialysis fluid, thereby reducing toxin, so as to ensure the life safety of patients. Dialysis is equivalent to the replacement of the kidney, instead of the kidney to help the body to detoxify, but for the kidneys and no repair treatment. After dialysis for a long time, the patient's kidney function will be less and less, and eventually disappear. At this stage, the patient can only rely on dialysis to survive. To submit your case, click on the online expert, we will guide you and develop a comprehensive and scientific treatment plan

Similarly, if after kidney transplantation can returned to normal life, but because of the high cost of surgery and sources of kidney kidney transplantation nervous, most patients do not have the condition to receive a kidney transplant. And, even after successful kidney transplantation, patients also need to take anti rejection drugs for life, this is not a small burden. Besides kidney transplant patients after surgery is not to say that it can be a normal existence, because after all, allogeneic kidney patients, the body will produce rejection, even taking drugs, can not be completely eliminated, can survive for 10 years, has been good results of the patients, the survival rate of 10 years is not ideal.

Since dialysis and renal transplantation treatment is not ideal, then what is the conservative treatment of uremia drugs do? Shandong Weifang Funeng nephropathy hospital adopts the external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine disease and the whole through local drug therapy, the medicine site in patients with back kidney area, using absorption into the kidney, increased renal blood flow perfusion inside, repair the damaged renal glomerular filtration rate, improve the kidney level, so that the kidney function itself recovery. It can reduce creatinine, urea nitrogen and other stability, so that patients with appropriate lengthening dialysis interval, improve physical fitness, improve the quality of life.

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