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Uremia conservative treatment to eat what medicine good?

The treatment of uremia has always been a difficult problem in clinical practice, and the conventional treatment, dialysis, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect, and the pain of long-term dialysis patients are also afraid of abnormal. Therefore, the vast majority of uremic patients do not want to receive dialysis treatment, then uremia can take conservative treatment of traditional Chinese medicine? To solve this problem, we come together to listen to the Shandong Weifang kidney disease hospital experts answer.

Creatinine more than 707 end-stage renal failure is - uremia period, during this period, due to a variety of serious complications, such as heart failure, such as Gao Jia, caused a serious impact on the life safety of patients. The conventional treatment of Western medicine is the use of dialysis, to ease the complications of patients, to protect the safety of patients. Dialysis is mainly pided into two kinds of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Hemodialysis is derived blood in patients after filtration, dialysis machine, the body of excess creatinine, urea and other toxin discharged, then put the blood transfusion into the body, the equivalent of a treatment for kidney detoxification. However, hemodialysis is not a repair for the kidneys, and for patients who have a longer dialysis time, the residual function of the kidney will gradually lose. And hemodialysis for patients with the burden of the body is relatively large, some patients in long-term dialysis, resulting in more and more weak body.

In addition to dialysis, uremia, there are no other treatment? Traditional Chinese medicine can be treated? Shandong Weifang Funeng nephropathy hospital experts pointed out: the treatment of uremia patients can achieve good effect, the key lies in the patients with glomerular filtration rate can be restored to what extent, then the residual renal function of the degree is particularly important. How can we repair the pathological damage of the kidney? Shandong Weifang Funeng kidney disease hospital in the treatment of uremia is mainly the whole and through local drug therapy, the treatment method is conservative treatment method belongs to the external treatment for internal diseases of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine treatment, but it is the conventional way is different, do not need a large number of patients with oral drugs, also does not need surgery, but the medicine in the patient's back, directly into the kidney through absorption, improve renal blood perfusion inside, repair damaged nephron, let patients with kidney function was restored, enhance its. When patients get their kidney function, for hemodialysis patients, can according to its recovery, to slowly lengthen the interval of dialysis, some patients even can eventually get rid of the pain of hemodialysis. For those with a creatinine level is relatively not very high, no serious complications for patients in Shandong Weifang hospital complex nephropathy is generally not recommended for patients to take dialysis treatment immediately, in physical condition permits, you can consider to take Chinese medicine conservative treatment, if the recovery situation is good, it is possible to avoid dialysis

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