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Symptoms of uremia

Hematological manifestations

For patients with uremia, renal anemia and bleeding will occur in the blood system. The majority of patients with mild or moderate anemia, the basic reason for this is due to the lack of erythropoietin caused, it is known as renal anemia. At the same time, patients will also appear malnutrition, bleeding and iron deficiency and other factors, may also increase the degree of anemia in patients. For patients with advanced, there will be abnormal platelet function, there is likely to be subcutaneous or mucosal bleeding point.

Neuromuscular system symptom

In patients with uremia at early times there will be memory loss and lack of concentration as well as the phenomenon of insomnia. With more and more serious uremia coma, hallucinations and mental disorders. And peripheral neuropathy is also very common, and sensory neuropathy will be more significant, more common is the kind of feeling of loss distribution of acral socks, there will be a burning sensation with limb pain, and may cause reflex or disappear, also can appear neuromuscular excitability increase.

Here, I believe we all know what symptoms of uremia. In fact, in addition to these symptoms, suffering from uremia patients will appear a variety of symptoms, such as gastrointestinal symptoms and bone lesions. Therefore, patients suffering from uremia must be treated in a timely manner, so as to avoid the deterioration of the condition again.


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