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Dietary guidelines of Uremia

1.Patients should have a low-protein diet in the azotemia stage and uremia stage. The intake of protein is 20g a day , it can not only ensure the supply of essential amino acid but also can let the body use nonprotein nitrogen synthetic to compose non-essential amino acid under the condition of the low protein supply ,and to reduce nitrogen qualitative hematic disease .

2.Foods contain rich vitamin ,especially vitamin B、C、D. They can avoid roughage cause mechanical injury for digestive tract and alimentary tract hemorrhage .In the azotemia stage ,patients still have a good appetite ,so the heat energy should not less than 35 calorie per kilogram of body weight ,but the uremia stage only depending on the appetite of patients .If the urine do not reduce ,edema is not obvious ,and it is not necessary to limit water

3.The time of supplying water and salt is based on conditions, if patients with uremia are easily occur dehydration and hyponatremia ,especially the patients with long-term inappetence ,nausea and diarrhea .Once happened should stop the supplying immediately .But should pay attention to the characteristics of patients with uremia, weather it can tolerate water and sodium or not, if not ,too much  supplement  will give a rise to hypernatremia or water poisoning .

4.Pay attention to supply calcium and potassium .Commonly patient’s serum potassium  is low , so it is easily cause hypokalemia after using diuretic ,at this time patients can eat some fresh fruits and potassium chloride .The blood calcium of uremic patients is commonly low so they can eat more food that contains rich calcium ,such as fish ,shrimp ,meat and bone soup .

The above is about the uremic patients diet related, but the choice between the patient and the patient's treatment method is not the same, if you need, please consult your physician, or contact our online expert, our experts will according to patient's actual situation, given the most professional guidance.


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