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What are the most common symptoms of uremia?

Uremia mental symptoms: first, lack of strength. This may be the earliest expression, but it is most easily overlooked because there are so many reasons for being weak. Especially those in business "to fight", mostly blame on the work stress and fatigue. If a little rest and symptoms improved, it is more likely to mislead the patient. The two is ochriasis. This is due to anemia. Because of the performance of the occurrence and development is very slow, so obviously "contrast" does not appear in a short period of time, as people meet together in the evening, difficult to find a variety of slow development.
Three is edema. This is a relatively subtle expression. But because of mild symptoms at first, it may fail to attract the attention of the patient. Common symptoms are: morning, afternoon, eyelid edema, edema subsided; feet tired, rest, after disappear, this is often mistakenly caused by overwork are often neglected, if to continue or systemic edema, the patient has been very heavy
Four is poor appetite. This is due to retention of urinary toxins and digestive problems. Most people disagree. The progression of abdominal fullness discomfort, nausea, vomiting, and even increased stool frequency or quality pulp, at this time, the condition has been particularly severe, it often is an important reason why the patient had to be hospitalized. Can only regret to say, it is in the condition is very heavy, some careless or inexperienced doctors, also failed to raise vigilance, only focusing on the digestive tract, false to the diagnosis and treatment in inflammatory bowel disease, ignoring the basic pathological changes.


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