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How to prevent uremia recurrence?

Diet conditioning: prevention of uremia recurrence, first of all from the diet in life, patients should strictly control protein intake, daily use of low protein diet, as much as possible to reduce the body's nitrogen content. At the same time, avoid foods that contain high levels of cadmium, such as animal liver, animal kidneys, certain mushrooms, certain seafood, and vegetables grown in sludge. There should not be too much salt in the food. Use low sodium salt instead of common salt. Uremia patients also pay attention to the daily amount of water, in order to reduce the amount of urination. Uremia patients should pay attention to the daily intake of adequate nutrients and maintain normal physical fitness while paying attention to the light diet
Daily care: when suffering from a cold, have a fever and other diseases, must be under the guidance of medication, to avoid taking drugs to kidney damage, the drug can choose no renal toxicity and rapid onset, shorten the time of taking medicine, so as not to aggravate the burden of kidney. Many uremic patients suffer from high blood pressure, hyperglycemia and kidney disease, so they must actively treat primary diseases, control the condition of these diseases, so as to avoid the aggravation of the disease and cause the recurrence of uremia. Often go to a hospital to return a visit, it is the thing that every uremia patient must notice, do not because the illness gets control or alleviate, relax vigilance. It is necessary to strengthen follow-up examination for the detection of uremia. Adjust their living habits, three meals a day, fixed time, must not stay up late, can be accompanied by appropriate physical exercise, in the epidemic season should pay attention to strengthen prevention. Good living habits are very helpful in controlling the condition. Maintain a good state of mind, do not suffer from uremia and recover, do not worry about the disease all day long. Maintain a positive resistance to disease, establish confidence in the fight against the disease, the rehabilitation of the body is beneficial.


How to prevent uremia recurrence?


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