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Uremic psychiatric symptoms which are most common

What is the symptoms of uremia? Uremia occur so that patients bear a great burden, damage everyone's body and spirit, want to avoid disease hazards, we must correctly understand the symptoms of uremic symptoms, because the disease symptomatic treatment can To achieve good results, then what is the symptoms of uremia? Uremia psychiatric symptoms:

One is weak. This may be the earliest performance, but the most easily overlooked, because the cause of fatigue is indeed too much. Especially those who in the cause of "full fight" people, most of them attributed to the work of tension and fatigue. If a little rest and symptoms improved, it is easier to mislead the patient. Second is looking pale yellow. This is due to anemia. Because this performance and development is very slow, so in a very short period of time will not appear obvious "contrast", as people get together in the evening to get along, it is difficult to find a variety of slow development changes.

Three is swollen. This is a relatively easy to perceive the performance. But may not be able to cause the patient's attention because of mild symptoms at the beginning. Common symptoms are: wake up in the morning, eyelid edema, afternoon subsided; tired, feet swollen, after the break, which is often mistaken for overwork caused by often overlooked, if the development of persistent or systemic edema, The patient's illness is already heavy.

Fourth, poor appetite. This is due to uremic toxins, affecting digestive function. Most people disagree. To be affected by the development of abdominal discomfort discomfort, nausea, vomiting, and even increased the number of stool or quality will be thin, this time, the condition has been particularly serious, and this is often the patient had to seek medical treatment important reason. Can only regret to say that when the condition has been very heavy, some careless or lack of experience of the doctor, also failed to cause vigilance, only focus on the digestive tract, mistaken to enteritis and the like to the diagnosis and treatment, Ignored the underlying lesions.

Symptoms of uremic symptoms we must understand, because the disease symptomatic treatment can achieve better results, of course, uremic hazards and serious, you want to completely reduce the incidence of disease hazards, we grasp the symptoms of uremic symptoms , Should also actively consult the relevant experts.


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