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Uremic specific precautions

Believe that people know that uremic disease ten more serious harm to the disease, suffering from uremia disease so that patients bear too much torture, we need to suffer from the disease when the early treatment measures, but also pay attention to do Good for the prevention of uremic disease, first to understand what specific preventive measures?

Blood pressure control is good or bad, a direct impact on the occurrence of uremia, development, efficacy and prognosis. Therefore, patients with hypertension should be closely monitored, prevention of uremia, hypertensive patients often have to take a lifetime medication, the basic principle of antihypertensive drugs is no nephrotoxicity, strict control of blood pressure and can not be interrupted. About 1/4 of diabetic patients with uremia, the most important control of blood sugar, and the need for regular detection of renal function and urinary protein in order to early detection and treatment of diabetic nephropathy. Congenital polycystic kidney disease, once found that should be invited to their parents, children and brothers and sisters to the Department of Nephrology for ultrasound examination, in order to early detection and treatment. Due to half of the offspring will have the same disease, the best prenatal genetic counseling, and pay attention to high blood pressure and urinary tract infection.

Renalitis patients who are often cold is not easy, should pay attention to whether the deterioration of renal function. Kidney disease often to the end will have symptoms, do not think that urine and edema will have kidney disease, many kidney disease is no early symptoms. If it is not caused by exercise (or associated) lower back pain or discomfort, must be suspected of kidney or urinary tract disease, should receive urine, abdominal x-ray or kidney ultrasound examination. Dysuria, may be due to elderly men suffering from prostatic hypertrophy, which led to frequent urination, nocturia, urine thinning, long down will affect the bladder and kidney function; and urination when the pain, burning sensation or secretions, may For urinary tract infection, to be routine urine examination and bacterial culture, to be antibiotic treatment. Some of the effective preventive measures about uremia are all about this. I hope to understand the dangers of uremic diseases and help people to pay attention to doing a good job in preventing work and to help people to do it to a certain extent. Good active prevention, effective away from the disease is most necessary.


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