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How does insomnia treat uremia patient?

How does insomnia treat uremia patient? Is there any help in the treatment of uremia? Let's take a look at some of the experts on the treatment of urea, and hopefully help.

As a kind of give priority to with renal failure, uremia with multisystem damage serious chronic disease, patients are often not only bear the pain of ordinary people difficult to understand, and to afford the expensive treatment. The patient's mind and body are traumatized and prone to insomnia in various factors. The treatment of western medicine was affected by the insufficiency of kidney function and the effect of mental factors. Chinese traditional Chinese medicine USES raw pulse to treat uremia patient insomnia, the clinical effect is better.

Insomnia in traditional Chinese medicine known as insomnia, etiology and pathogenesis are mainly due to weak cause viscera function, such as anxiety, depression and eating disorders, qi and blood deficiency, liver and kidney Yin deficiency, in the production of body fluid are the one mind, mind alongwith or uneasy to cause clinical symptoms. The root cause of the disease is Yang sheng Yin, Yin and Yang, the deities are disturbed. The disease is particularly complicated by the deficiency of kidney and the deficiency of the kidney, and the influence of the cause of the disease.

Raw pulse: ginseng, wheat and winter, five MSG, acanthopod, astragalus, three and seven, motherwort, jujube, jujube, danshen, yellow lian. In the veins of life, the heart and soul; The keel is tranquilizing and tranquilizing; The sour dates, the red and the red; It is a good idea. The combination of the drugs has the effect of nourishing Yin, living blood and pleasing the mind. At the same time, modern pharmacological research shows that the drugs such as dantan, ginseng, and monosodium monosodium, have a good sedative and hypnotic effect.


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